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Businesses often struggle with the need to manage payments to suppliers in an efficient manner while keeping costs down and maintaining a positive cash flow. Our accounts payable solution offers you a touch-free and secure way to pay suppliers, simplifying the process of making payments and allowing you to focus on your core business. Here is how it works:Accounts Payable - How it works

Benefits of our accounts payable solution:

  • Save up to 3% on cross-border payments – our globally accepted solution gives you access to all major currencies at reduced cost and allows you to avoid FX rate fluctuations where possible
  • Streamline payment processing and invoice management – automated reconciliation with enhanced data for reporting can help reduce administration and overhead in accounts payable
  • Enhance cash flow and turn accounts payable into a profit centre – with extended payment terms at no cost to improve working capital while ensuring suppliers are paid in a timely manner. Plus the ability to earn money on payments made can create an extra revenue stream for your business
  • Improve relationships with suppliers – by ensuring on time or early payment via our real-time accounts payable solution
  • Reduce or eliminate costs associated with fraud, misuse and supplier default risk – through flexible controls over payments made allowing you to specify an exact amount, timing and recipient

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