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Simplify the business of running a business


Running your business is more complicated these days with economic and workforce pressures, changing regulations, and expanding global opportunities. WEX frees you from these administrative burdens that could hamper your business success.

WEX automates your manual and disconnected B2B payment processes and data exchange with our specialized expertise and customised-for-you technology solutions. In particular, WEX simplifies travel payments, corporate accounts payable and supplier enablement, and fleet and mobility management.

Since 1983, WEX has been improving productivity, streamlining payment processes, consolidating reporting, and delivering bottom-line savings for thousands and thousands of businesses like yours.


“WEX team members are at the top of the industry with extensive experience and expertise. We deliver client successes using our modern, feature-rich, and highly customisable technology platform along with insights from our company’s global market footprint.”

Carlos Carriedo, COO, International

Our solutions deliver security and reliable performance at scale, and can be seamlessly embedded into your existing business systems.

Our rich transactional data and behavioral insights, together with continuous investments in innovation, allow us to more quickly deliver personalised solutions to the market. Contact us to find out more.

WEX International Serves

of the top global online travel agencies

WEX Industry Leadership

WEX is a leader in market growth, commitment to client success, and investments in continuous innovation with our:

  • Leading technology platform that seamlessly integrates with our clients’ businesses
  • Scale and resilience to ever-changing regulatory and market disruption
  • Deep expertise as a trusted partner to businesses in the fuel, mobility, travel, and payments industries
  • Commitment to living our values, nurturing our talent, and reinforcing our culture of excellence

The WEX Culture of Inclusion: Customer-focused. Values-based. Innovation-driven.

To keep our promise of standing for integrity, innovation, execution, relationships and community, nothing is more important than having a culture of inclusion. And our success in the marketplace is living proof that our culture sets us apart.

Our diverse and experienced executive team, along with our more than 6,000 employees worldwide, uniquely positions us to have a deep understanding of the varied operating environments, service expectations, and opportunities that exist for the customers we serve.

Want to join our growing team of talented individuals? Check out our careers page on WEX Inc. to learn more.

WEX Worldwide

Legal Information:

WEX Europe Limited, Registered Office 4th Floor East Building, 1 London Bridge, London SE1 9BG. Registered in England No. 05927983. VAT Registration No. 280 5617 01

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