Save with the Solution for Airline Payments

Travel companies benefit from our Solution for Airline Payments

Online travel agents, tour operators and travel management companies can avoid airline surcharges, increase per booking profitability and improve accuracy and timeliness on reconciliation and reporting with our Solution for Airline Payments.

The solution gives you the opportunity to improve operational efficiency in finance, save money by cutting the 2% surcharge that is squeezing margins on flight bookings and enable your business to become more competitive.

Avoid airline surcharges and increase cash flow

  • Credit facility to fund airfares and ability to increase cash flow
  • Debit Virtual Card Number (VCN) to avoid 2% European airline surcharges
  • Marketing advantage through more competitive flight prices
  • Payment and settlement in multiple currencies without FX or conversion fees
  • Automated transaction reconciliation and reporting

Introducing the WEX Solution for Airline Payments