Turn supplier payments into profit centre

Improve profitability with WEX Virtual Card Numbers

Paying suppliers typically involves cost, exposes you to the risk of currency fluctuation and involves many manual processes. Having a single payment method with global acceptance is crucial for businesses.

Our unique Virtual Card Number (VCN) portfolio enables you to find the optimal payment method based on the type of supplier you’re paying. We offer virtual credit, debit and prepaid card numbers which can be prefunded or come with credit facility.

Our VCNs allow you to:

  • Avoid airline surcharges
  • Eliminate currency fluctuation risk
  • Save on average 3% on international payments
  • Optimise working capital and earn rebates
  • Reduce administration and overhead in accounts payable

Save 2% on air fares

Our Solution for Airline Payments is designed to tackle typical challenges in the leisure travel industry. It helps companies to deal with the challenge of having to fund air fares in advance and also avoiding the airline surcharging that eats into the already low margins.

The solution offers a credit facility to fund debit card accounts and provides you with the ability to reduce costs by avoiding surcharges on flight bookings.

Transform supplier payments with VCNs

  • Single use card number enabling automatic reconciliation
  • Secure and controlled payment method
  • Globally accepted by suppliers through existing terminals
  • Real-time payments with different funding options

Travel How it Works_Landscape Leisure Travel

Benefits of WEX VCNs

  • Billing available in 24 currencies
  • Flexible and comprehensive reporting
  • Up to 22 fully customisable data fields per transaction
  • Limit usage with merchant category code restrictions
  • Full control through credit limit per card
  • Ability to set Effective Start and End Date at card level

Virtual Payments clients

  • Our clients range from small to medium UK travel specialists to large multinational travel corporations in both the leisure and business travel sectors
  • Online and retail travel agents, travel management companies and wholesalers use virtual cards to pay their suppliers
  • Clients include Expedia