Pay and close claims faster

With fierce competition and shrinking margins providers need to stand out from the crowd.

The WEX Insurance Payments solution is a secure and automated payment method for insurance, warranty, auto leasing and fleet providers. Automated payments to preferred and out-of-network suppliers, cutting costs and preserving customer loyalty.

Key benefits

Streamline back-office procedures with our solution so you can focus on your core business:

  • Pay and close claims faster
  • Reduce payment fraud and disputes
  • Control & track the timing, recipient and exact amount of each payment
  • Automatically reconcile payments with custom data and reporting
  • Extend your payment timelines at no cost
  • PCI/DSS compliant solution alleviates your responsibilities¬†

Easy integration

Integrating our payment processing technology with your existing claims management software is simple with API integration or file upload options and offers several benefits:

  • Allows your claims payment specialists to do their job within a system they know
  • Enables instant payments for approved claims
  • No requirement to register supplier bank account details
  • No upfront or on-going software fees for implementation

1) Claim approved 2) Payment process initiated - claims specialist uses existing system or WEX portal  3) Claim payment generated - custom data is automatically appended via API - purchase limit set to exact claim amount  4) Payment information sent to supplier real-time for processing 5) Payment settles - supplier receives payment within 1-2 days  6) Accounting reconciliation - Removes manual intervention