Who are WEX Europe?

WEX Europe are prepaid card specialists, and the business is supported by an experienced team incorporating extensive financial services and payment solutions expertise. Our expertise is grounded in the delivery of payment solutions to improve business performance. In addition to our payment card expertise, the WEX Europe team has extensive experience across a number of markets including retail, media and entertainment, travel, and retail financial services..

What is a WEX Europe prepaid card and how does it work?

The WEX Europe prepaid card is a prepaid Chip & PIN MasterCard®. These cards work in a similar way to debit cards, except that the cards must be pre-loaded with credit before any purchases can be made. The card is accepted worldwide at over 30 million retails outlets which display the MasterCard Acceptance Mark, as well as over the telephone and online. Cash can be accessed 24/7 at over 1.5 million ATMs wherever you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. However this functionality can be varied by card programme and controlled by a central administrator. For organisations, the cards can be used for a variety of purposes including expense payments and company purchases.

What currency denominations are the cards available in?

Cards are available in three denominations, US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros.

Do you do virtual cards?

Yes. Please contact us for more details on our virtual card solution.

Funding and Managing the Cards

How do we manage multiple card accounts?

WEX Europe's central account management system allows an administrator to manage and controls funds on multiple cards, loading or removing funds in real time. WEX Europe also offer a batch processing service for multi-card loading.

How many administrators can we have on the cardholder administration portal?

As many as you require. WEX Europe can define different access levels for different staff, and will work with you in the implementation period to define these.

How do we send funds to WEX Europe and load them onto our cards?

Funds are initially transferred by bank transfer to WEX Europe, and the time to 'fund availability' is dependent on the bank transfer payment method you use. Once funds are received by WEX Europe they are loaded onto the account on the day they are received, between 5pm and 7pm on working days. Once loaded into the account then they are available for the client to move on to the cards in real time and spend as they wish.

Can we fund the account in different currencies?

Yes. You can choose to use our fantastic exchange rates or fund your account from your own foreign currency bank account. Please note, that a charge may be applied for load amounts below a minimum threshold, to be agreed prior to commencement of the card program.

Are funds protected by the FCA?

No. However your funds are held in client money trust accounts and protected by e-money regulations through our partnership with Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd.

Applying for a WEX Europe Card

Who Can Apply for an Account or a Card?

Any business can apply for an account with us and for WEX Europe Prepaid MasterCard® Expense Cards for its employees. There is no credit check on the company or the employees. Each cardholder does need to be over 18, and we will need to be able to confirm the identity of the company and its employees.

How to Apply for an Account

Please contact us. We will then discuss the simple account opening procedures with you. Once the account is open applying for employee cards is as easy as filling out a single web form.

What are the Fees

Please refer to the fees section of our terms and conditions. Charges for managing the account and providing the service will be agreed with the company when the account is opened. Please contact us for further details.

Cardholders: Activating your WEX Europe Card

How to activate your card/how to obtain your card pin

When you receive your card, sign the back of the card immediately. The card needs to be activated. You will have received (either by post, email or SMS) a 6 digit passcode. With this passcode to hand, call 0845 200 3778 (calls cost up to 2p per minute from a BT landline, other networks may vary). Follow the instructions to activate your card and retrieve your PIN. (Note, for cards issued as a replacement for a damaged, expired, lost or stolen then your existing 6 digit passcode will continue to work but you will need to retrieve your new PIN) Your PIN can be changed at any cash point that accepts MasterCard®.

What should I do if I can't find the passcode?

When you receive your card, sign the back of the card immediately. If you cannot find your passcode you should contact your administrator, who will know whether you received the passcode in a letter, email or SMS. If you still can't find your passcode go to and click "Login". From the log in page click "Forgot passcode?" to reset your passcode and have it resent to you.

Cardholders: loading WEX Europe Card

How to Load or Top Up your Card

The company will first need to transfer the funds that it wishes to put on the cards in one transaction into our client bank account (the client bank account is held by Wirecard Card Solutions at Barclays Bank in trust for our clients). Once the funds have cleared they will be made available within our system to the account administrator to assign to employee cards as they wish. Funds can also be reclaimed back from cards as needed. Our bank details will be provided to the company administrator at account opening. Please ensure you quote your WEX Europe account number as the reference when transferring any funds to prevent delays. This number is also provided to you when you open an account. If you are a cardholder and require funds to be added to your card please contact your company administrator.

Cardholders: Using your WEX Europe Card

Where can I use my WEX Europe Card

You can use your WEX Europe Prepaid MasterCard worldwide at over 32 million retails outlets which display the MasterCard Acceptance Mark, as well as over the telephone and online, as long as you have sufficient funds on your card. Cash can be accessed 24/7 at over 1 million ATMs wherever cardholders see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

Is there an online system to help manage my card and details?

Yes. The WEX Europe online system is a website which you are able to log in to and view the funds available on your card, as well as your recent transactions. You can also amend your personal details. To log in, go to and click on "Login". To log in to the system you will need:
    • Your username (which is usually the 12 digit number printed at the bottom of your card, below your name)
    • Your date of birth
    • Your 6 digit passcode

Are there any limits on using the card?

As the card is a prepaid card, you can only make purchases or cash withdrawals up to the value of funds loaded on to the card. You can check the balance via the online system or by Text CARD BAL to 60777. Limits apply to the amount you can withdraw from an ATM and to the amount of spend and the number of transactions you can perform for your protection however, your administrator may alter this, please contact them to confirm any spending limits in place.

Disputed or Unrecognised transactions

If you believe that any transactions posted to your WEX Europe Prepaid MasterCard have not been authorised by you please contact us immediately. If we have not already done so, we will take steps to cancel your card and investigate the matter. We will require you to complete a form and agree to cooperate with any investigation.

Can I use SMS tools with the card?

Yes. Once you have registered a mobile to your card on our online system (in Account Settings) then you can send and request card notices via SMS. Texts are charged at £0.10 or €0.15 per SMS. From your registered mobile:
    • Text CARD BAL to 60777 to find out your balance
    • Text CARD TRX to 60777 to list your last four transactions
    • Text CARD STOP STOLEN to 60777 to stop your card and report it stolen
    • Text CARD STOP LOST to 60777 to stop your card and report it lost
From outside the UK use +44 7786 200 690 instead of 60777. You can also find out your balance by calling us or logging onto our website. Please click on the login link from the home page.

How Secure is my WEX Europe card?

Our systems are very secure, but you should always treat your WEX Europe Prepaid MasterCard like cash. Don’t share your PIN or pass code with anyone. If you lose your card cancel it immediately and we can send you a new one. If you have ordered your card and have not received it, no one else can use it until it is activated. Your money is safe.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen telephone us immediately on 0845 200 3778 or +44 203 059 1207 from abroad, or report your card lost/stolen via our website You should also notify your company administrator. You can text CARD STOP STOLEN or CARD STOP LOST to 60777 from your registered mobile to stop your card (from outside the UK use +44 7786 200 690 instead of 60777).

What should I do if I have problems using my card?

If you have any problems using your WEX Europe Prepaid MasterCard please first check the following:
    • That you have sufficient funds available
    • That the ATM or merchant accepts MasterCard
    • That you have the correct PIN number
If you still have a problem please contact your administrator, or Customer Services on 0845 200 3778 or +44 203 059 1207 from abroad if your query is urgent.

Expiry & Account Closure

Your WEX Europe Prepaid MasterCard will expire after 3 years. Close to that time we will contact you about a replacement card. If you are a company administrator and want to close a card before it expires please pull back any unused funds available on the card and then contact us to close the card. If you wish to close your account and all the cards in it please contact us.