Optimise your supplier payment strategy and increase profitablity

eCommerce marketplaces and online retailers looking to expand globally and stay ahead of the competition need a payment strategy that caters to the complexities of international business.

We can help you streamline payments to a wide range of inventory suppliers, online advertising channels and shipping providers.

Take control of payments to your supplier and seller networks, and increase profitability and productivity with WEX eCommerce payments:

    • Reduce AP workloads with real-time, touch-free electronic payments in local currency¬†
    • Easy, instant invoice tracking and auto-reconciliation with enhanced data
    • Grow business globally and save 3% per transaction with low or no fee international payments
    • Eliminate bank transfer costs
    • Enhance cash flow with extended payment terms at no cost
    • Pay suppliers earlier and faster and avoid late payments¬†
    • Simple connectivity using APIs or file upload

We can help you rethink, simplify and enhance your payment process so you can focus on your core business.

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