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How Virtual Card Numbers save money in the business travel industry

WEX Virtual Card Numbers (VCNs) are used by many TMCs to address specific needs within the business travel space:

    • Managing billback – our integration with baVel allows you to receive hotel invoices within seconds of a traveller checking out
    • Avoiding airline surcharges –  save 2% of the booking cost with our Solution for Airline Payments
    • International payments –  save on average 3% on international payments by accessing more than 45 currencies worldwide
    • Unique product portfolio – MasterCard and Visa VCNs which are available prefunded or with a credit facility
    • Simplified processes  – our VCNs are integrated with baVel, Conferma and Multicom
    • GDS integration – we are now fully integrated into Grasp’s GDS and our cards can be raised as part of the booking process through a TMC or online booking tool

WEX VCNs allow you to increase your profitability

    • Avoid airline surcharges
    • Eliminate currency fluctuation risk
    • Save on average 3% on international payments
    • Optimise working capital and earning rebates
    • Reduce administration and overhead in accounts payable

Key VCN Features

    • Billing available in 24 currencies
    • Flexible and comprehensive reporting
    • Up to 20 fully customisable data fields per transaction
    • Limit usage with merchant category code restrictions
    • Full control through credit limit per card
    • Ability to set Effective Start and End Date at card level